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Mexican industry is energized during the last quarter of 2020

In October, Mexico’s industrial activity index grew 2% per month, which meant a dynamization following the 0.6% advance in September, according to data reported by the National Institute of Geography and Statistics (Inegi).

The improvement was due, to a greater extent, to the impact of the construction sector, which, if contracted 5.1% in September, grew 3.6% in October. Another line that improved was utilities (electricity, gas, and water), which cleared the September 2.6% decline and scored a 1.8% advance in October.

Mining, for its part, grew 1% after the 0.3% advance of the previous month, and manufacturing grew 1.8% after advancing 2.1%. In its year-on-year comparison, industrial activity declined 3.1% in October, a contraction that was less than the 7.2% observed in September. Between January and October, the contraction was 11.3%.

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