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Mexico is on track to become Industry 4.0 leader in Latin America

Bernd Rohde, CEO of Hannover Fairs Mexico, says Mexico has great advantages over other countries in the region. It also highlights the importance of digitization by some economic powers globally. For example, in the case of Germany, Rohde says, according to data from a survey conducted by PwC, 9 out of 10 industrial companies are investing in digital factories, while those that do not plan to make this change risk losing competitiveness.

This growing trend towards digitization requires leadership and specialization on the part of the workforce. “The great challenge and the great opportunity is that we must create a mindset of change, constant training or continuing education and reorientation of our skills and knowledge,” Rohde says.

Mexico has a great advantage in leading the advances of Industry 4.0 as the demographic capital of the young population results in the proportion of people who will need to learn new skills by 2030 will be only 10%, while countries like Germany will have percentages of about 33%, Rohde said. “This percentage, compared to China or Germany, is a window of opportunity,” he said.

In addition, Hannover Fairs Mexico’s executive predicts that the COVID-19 pandemic will have a great social impact as digital platforms, machines and automated solutions to reduce human contact will be privileged. “These technologies will strengthen security and reduce health risks,” he says.

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