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ABC to maximize the work of your distributor


Within the multiple options that the global market shows, it is increasingly important to establish strong ties with the different components of a negotiation: people, companies, consumers, etc.

During the 80s, the term B2D broke into marketing, but due to new market trends, it lost its impact and became an obsolete concept. But in our days, it took a second wind and once again gained importance in the management companies have with their respective distributors.

What is B2D?

It can be defined as a concept developed directly to interact with those responsible for the sales channels. Also, it is a global way of understanding business and the commercial relationship between producing companies and distributors, which ultimately puts us in front of an initiative that aims to define the idea that building a better business does not mean that a company should exclusively focus on its facilities, equipment and marketing to be better.

Here are some recommendations that you should implement to improve performance and maximize the work of your distributor:

Prepare for the market and be cautious

There is no more powerful recommendation, than to say that your product must be ready for the market only when it is fully functional and fully developed. Distributors must know it in-depth and be familiar with it, since, for them, time loss is a reason for distancing or breaking of the commercial agreement.

Implement an effective marketing strategy

The appeal of your product lies in a marketing strategy that guarantees it being a boom. Always bare in mind that distributors are your best friends and will want to know if your marketing plan is going as it should be, as they are the ones who will represent your product before the people who are going to sell it. The effectiveness of the strategy will give the distributor peace of mind, of offering a winning product.

Understand the nature of your distributor

Starting from a fundamental base, the distributor is your main customer. Before reaching the final consumer, you must win them over by ensuring a product made with excellence so that they are interested in acquiring them, and keep them in mind whenever you want to innovate in your company. Know what is the area in which distributors specialize, do not intend to sell them products that are not to your liking, or that they do not handle with their customers.

Find your target market

Obvious, but worth noting. A good way to establish a relationship with a distributor is to help him quickly enter the market. Of course, keep an eye out to see that your products are really being offered to your target customers. It doesn’t hurt to sneak a peek at the competition, know which distributors they use, because that will help you bring your products to the right consumers, quickly and easily.

Defining key resources is important

Commercial relations with distributors include certain peculiarities. The correct administration of the channels that take your products to companies cannot be easily replaced. The infrastructure, the market and the significant investment of money, are reasons why these channels must be studied and must work in a synchronized way. Altering their order can lead to serious problems.

Reinforce your market penetration strategy

Take control of marketing campaigns that will generate revenue at all levels through the distribution channel. It is important to focus on the need to create your own customer base. That is, get the most out of the experience and, of course, of the installed customer base. In this regard, distributors will be vital, since they must have well-updated databases and know how to enhance and complement the portfolio of products currently consumed by customers in the market.

Carry out constant measurements and make a judicious follow-up

Your products deserve an orderly, constant and judicious metric. Knowing how many units you transport, how many you sell, which are the days of the week with more movement of supply and demand, assure you an impeccable stock management and that the fruits of your work reaches customers at the right time, neither before, nor after.

Build relationships at every stage of the business

Good relationships are a formula for success, therefore, you must ensure that at each stage of the business, from the creation of a product, through the stage of packaging, presentation and of course distribution, are aligned. Never lose contact with distributors and make them feel part of your company, they will reciprocate that trust with the best word of mouth and the effort necessary to position your product in the market in the most effective way.

You can also take into account relevant aspects to improve the relationship with your distributors such as the following:

Show your support and be grateful

To do so, a good idea is to visit their operation centers and they will share important aspects about their work processes with you. Distributors will be grateful for continuous support on training related issues, support material, allocating a portion of the budget focused on marketing to develop specific activities that stimulate and recognize their good work and performance. On this last point, it is advisable to create and implement an incentive plan that keeps distributors motivated.

Assertive communication

Firmly and clearly expressing what you think and want to achieve with your product to your distributor, is a key point to generate a bond of trust and unbreakable respect. This social skill will open doors for you to transcend in your market positioning strategy, all hand in hand with your trusted distributor.

As you can see, there is no more effective way to achieve success than making B2D an essential tool in your marketing strategy. Be smart and allow your distributors to be part of your company, include them at all stages of your creation and production processes and be cordial in your dealings with them. Your products reaching the target customer in an ideal way depends largely on your ability to establish good relationships.

Through a comment in this post, tell us: Which are the B2D strategies you use to improve the performance of your distributors?

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